Cube Orange Number of Compasses

According to the spec sheet, the Cube Orange should have 3 compasses internal plus any external compasses. Has the hardware changed, do I have a faulty board, or is ardupilot not detecting them correctly? I have Compass_Typemask = 0 so it shouldn’t ignore any of them. I also set the boot delay to 5000ms to try to detect the peripherals properly. Here 3 is attached and recognizing correctly I assume.

Also what cube compasses ID’s get thrown crazy by the heater?

There are 3 IMUs but only one internal compass.

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I guess I was confused by the following thinking there were 3.

ICM20602 is a 6-axis IMU (no compass). The so-called 9-axis IMU’s have compass’s (3 accel, 3 gyro, 3 compass)

One compass with 3 axis: x y z