Cube Orange / MP Observations

Using the latest Beta of MP and daily for the Cube orange and would like clarification on the following items I noticed were different than expected.

  • Extended Tuning: Rate Roll, Pitch and Yaw filters contain a 0 value and cannot be changed in MP. ATC_RAT_PIT_FILTT and ATC_RAT_ROLL_FILTT both have a value of 20 in the full parameter listing, but note that has one less “T” in the parameter name.
  • Extended Tuning: No RC6 Option.
  • Initial Setup/Battery Monitor: HW Version “8. Cube Orange” can be selected, but the value doesn’t appear to load when connecting to the FC. BATT_CURR_PIN has a value of 15 which is correct.
  • INS_FAST_SAMPLE is set to 5, FirstIMU and ThirdIMU, Second IMU is unchecked. This may not be the correct forum topic to get clarification on this.
  • Even after a new install of MP on a virgin Win10 PC, you must run “driver clean” and re-install the drivers to connect to the Cube Orange.

Thanks for any clarification you can provide.


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The base issue here are drivers, and the change from a. Single serial port to a dual configuration. This invalidates the driver. And causes all this problem. The solution is to install the latest driver MSI from ardupilot firmware server


@Michael_Oborne - Understood, thanks. A relatively small problem easily overcome.