Cube Orange + Mateksys GNSS M9N-F4-5883 + Sensirion SPD33 not recognized


I have setup Pixhawk Cube Orange (ArduPlane v.4.1.1.) and Mateksys GNSS M9N-F4-5883 (AP_periph v1.3.0) connected over CANBUS. I have also connected Sensirion SPD33 to I2C port of M9N-F4-5883. I have also set parameters as shown in the website (


I can see the differential pressure changes correctly, when I blow on SPD33, when connected over Mission Planner SLCAN as shown below (blue line).

Although Cube Orange sees and logs GPS and MAG data of M9N-F4-5883, ARSP data of SPD33 is now logged and shown on Mission Planner. I have attached logs with M9N-F4-5883 and SPD33 connected and without them for comparison.

1 1.01.1970 02-00-00_wo_Matek.bin (876 KB)
1 1.01.1970 02-00-00_with_Matek_5.bin (632 KB)

Could you please help me to read SPD33 airspeed data over UAVCAN via M9N-F4-5883 (AP_periph v1.3.0) on Pixhawk Cube Orange (ArduPlane v.4.1.1)?

Best Regards.