Cube Orange GPS 2 port


We’ve been trying to get a 2nd GPS (Ardusimple UBlox ZED-F9P) to work on the 2nd GPS port on the board however nothing we do seems to work.

We can get it working on both telemetry ports just fine however when we try to use GPS 2 it does not work. We have went through all of the parameters and set them correctly however it still does not recognize the unit?

Is there a possibility that it can be a dead port? Or does it only work with CAN?

Thanks for any help.

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I have identical hardware on my Rover lawnmower, and it works well.

You should be able to see the GPS on that port by setting the following parameters:


I realize those parameters may not result in desired behavior if you’re trying to use a moving baseline configuration or do something more complex with a 2nd GPS, but they should at least confirm that the GPS can communicate with the Cube.


We’ve actually been following your videos for this exactly, appreciate the response! I believe we have tried this already with no luck, however I will give this a try tomorrow and see if we can get it to display anything.

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We ended up getting a new board with a new config and it seemed to have fixed our issue. Something with our old one was stopping GPS2 port from working.

@Yuri_Rage Did you have any contact information that I would be able to DM/email you at?

Appreciate the help.

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Just message me here on the forum. I’ve been pretty active here lately and should see your messages.

Didn’t see a way to message you on your profile, are you able to message me to see if I can see that?