Cube Orange, Cube Black not ready to fly without cover?

I am testing my new octocopter based on Cube Orange, 6s, 18" propellers, T-motors 501x. Cube Orange is mounted without cover on cinestar clone frame so the wind has access to it. Multirotor was flying ok during forward and backward flight, vibration are ok but during fast, side flight from left to right for several seconds I noticed “EKF Error Lane switching” When I checked the log I found problem in barometer in that moment. I think that’s because the wind is coming by USB or micro-SD card slot into the Cube and messing the barometer. Today I did more tests with adhesive tape on the sides of Cube Orange and problems goes away. Please look at the log from flight with Lane switching:

and log from today without problems:

Anyone have similar experience ?

Yes, and you’ve found the problem and fixed it.
A cover will definitely help and makes it all look need and tidy.
Make sure your chosen cover does not add to vibrations.

(I didnt check in the log)