Cube Orange Burned at the power input


We recently had a crash on a multirotor. When the drone is opened the cube carrier board is found to be burnt. Below are the pictures.

The logs as you can see in the below graph suggests that the pixhawk is burnt mid air and the drone just fell dead.

Question : What would cause this? And how do we avoid this from happening in future?

What were you powering the Cube from?

The location of your melted case is not the power input. It it’s the screw to the cube

The only thing that could cause something like this is one of your high current ground lines failing and running all your ESC power through the cube.

This would potentially fry everything…

This won’t be the only damage on your system.

I would guess you have a break somewhere on the ground wire between your battery and escs. when it failed, the current took the next path through the flight controller.