Cube orange Autoquad ESC32 on CAN bus

I got the ESC32 V3 from Autoquad.
Is it possible to control it on the CAN bus from the cube orange? If it is possible, which parameters do I have to set?

Have you taken a look here at this page?

Yes, I did. But it says here AutoQuadESC32: Ever Worked: No
Because I have very little experience with CAN bus, so I ask.

The esc32 doesn’t use uavcan: it has it’s own canbus protocol that isn’t supported by ArduPilot. I wasn’t aware autoquad still made them, and most 3rd party esc32 don’t even have the can chip fitted.

Too bad they don’t work with ArduPilot and CAN. I don’t think these ESCs are manufactured anymore, but I still have some of them.

Agreed. I have some old v2’s that unfortunately I’ve relegated to the box for projects I’ll never get to.