Cube Orange and CUAV V5+ cube Internal IMU isolation

First and Foremost this is NOT bashing any Hardware at all. This is simply a question that I have.

I have a Tarot 690 Hex and I recently changed my CUAV V5+ running 4010Pro motors.

Since the fmuV5 only supports 4 Dshot outputs I decided to change the flight controller to a Cube Orange to take advantage of the 6 Dhot outputs.

However I noticed something I didn’t expect.

Nothing was changed except the Flight controller.

Here is the Vibes from the CUAV v5+

And here are the Vibes from the Cube Orange.

Again I am not bashing any product, I am simply trying to do some research.

Is this just a case of different isolation material? Or are the IMUs in the Cube Orange way more sensitive?

Probably both.
It would be more interesting to see the raw IMU data than the VIBES.
Is any clipping happening?

None that I can see. I will post the log shortly

Here you go!AplYZe-uqPEBgvdJhqD3Ivh87ZZ0fQ?e=hbZQUR

how are they attached to the frame?

Both of the flight controllers are mounted firmly to the frame.

The overall vibrations as recorded by the IMU are quite good BUT
there seems to be a lot of random spikes, which may be contributing to the VIBES

Is all the wiring secure?
Is there anything else that might be vibrating?
Or randomly touching the Cube?

Hard mounting is not something I would ever recommend, no matter how good the FC is.

Nothing is touching the cube at all. I made sure of that. When I say hard mounted I mean mounted on the foam that it comes with.

Also I thought it was not recommended to mount a Cube on an anti vibration plate (if that’s what you mean)?

I am going to order some gel adhesive tape and see if that helps

So I made some mounting changes. I changed the mounting tape and seem to have gotten my vibes down just a bit, no clipping this time.

Next step is to re balance my props and remove the quick disconnects.

Here are my FFTs and Vibes