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Cube not showing SF30/D

I just attached a new SF30/D to a Cube Orange with latest Arduplane installed, using the I2C connector. After rebooting, the MP status display still shows sonarrange=0, as if the unit weren’t connected (but it’s getting power) . Parameters are set as specified in the rangefinder page for Ardupilot, and the i2c address (102) matches that shown in the setup software for the SF30. What else should I check?

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are you using a different power source for supply the sensor?

I’m not. It didn’t occur to me not to just use the +5V on the Cube’s i2c port. I see now that the SF30 can draw 250mA. Is that too much? I can’t find the current specs for that port.

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usually its better use an alternative power source for supply rangefinders… telemetry modules and other periphs… just uae an ubec for supply your sensor

I do have a power supply that can provide the 5v, and I already use it for the RFD900. But it’s disappointing to discover that I have to run another separate wire again rather than just plugging into the i2c port.

If you don’t want add an alternative power supply, with a multimeter you can check the draw of the I2C port.

I rewired everything to put the rangefinder on a separate power supply. Still not seeing any sign in MP that it’s being recognized. Anything else I can check?

Check out the video I linked to in this post.

That’s a nice rangefinder but it pulls too much current to power directly from the I2C connection. The I2C connection can power things like a magnetometer and other low power sensors.

I’m new to using the Cube myself but one purchase which I hope will make it easier to connect various sensors to the cube is this wire set.

I’m hoping these pre-crimped wires will make it easier to make adapter cables to sensors without the standard Pixhawk connector.

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SF30/D it’s also serial… try using UART instead of i2c

I believe I’d have to make a whole new cable, since I already wired the Molex connector for i2c. Also, I don’t have any free UARTs right now.

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