CUBE + Mini Carrier Board = AUX 1 - 6

Hi guys,

I have a Mini Carrier Board and i’m having trouble how to connect some camera trigger to the AUX.

what is the correct way to connect the camera trigger to the aux 1, for example?

Photo with the ‘problem’:

You will need to split the cable. Power and ground will need to come from somewhere else. Signal will come from the appropriate pin in that block.

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Ok i got it.

So i have to connect the signal to the AUX and then the power and ground to one of the ‘spare’ non-aux ports (photo beneath)?

Thank you, Tuna!

Be aware the servo + row of pins is not powered. It requires an external BEC to run servos or anything else.

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The FC is already ‘powered’ by a bec, so no need to worry.