Cube Black with Holybro H-RTK F9P Rover Lite compatibility?

Hi All

I am planning to use Yaw from GPS functionality.
I have Cube Black ap.
I want to know is it suitable to use Holybro H-RTK F9P Rover Lite with Cube Black.

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I’ve never used the Holybro H-RTK F9P with a Cube but I think it should work.

I had once an issue with this holybro GPSs that I had to change the Rx/TX pins to get them working

Hi All,

I am changing F9P H-RTK cable 10pin to Cube Black 8pin GPS 1 pinout,
But there is no 3.3v pin to H-RTK F9P.
Does anyone have successful experience or suggestions?

I am also researching this
maybe @tridge knows something?

I think you can skip 3.3V line. It’s made in line with Pixhawk 4(holybro FC). I wonder what components they want to power from it. Most of the components have internal step down from 5V to 3.3V. There’s no need for special 3.3V supply.

H-RTK F9P with Cube Black is work, but safety switch button isn’t work, maybe 3.3V line supply to safety switch button.

it is, I received a email from holybro that clarifies that

I am hoping someone can help me with my new Holybro H-RTK F9P Rover Lite. I have a Cube Orange and I am having a hard time getting the Safety Switch to work. I have it wired to the GPS 1 port, but I had to eliminate the VDD_3V3 and Buzzer lines from the GPS as the Cube carrier board only has 8 pins and not 10 pins. Do I need the VDD_3V3 for the Safety Switch to work? Any help would be appreciated.

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