Cube Black USB connection issue, Win 10 + latest stable MP


Updated my laptop to Windows 10 and did clean install of latest stable Mission Planner with drivers.

Now one our Cube Black autopilots with ArduPlane 4.0.7 gets stuck at the “Getting Params” phase after connection. If you click cancel, the status is not updated and the connection stats show no packets or quality, but some bits are being transferred. The Cube in question connects OK on another computer (our operational GCS) with older Mission Planner.

On the laptop with the issue, one of our Cube Orange autopilots connects OK. I also installed QGroundControl and it connects to both cubes, so it does not seem to be hardware or driver related.

Anyone else facing similar issue? To sum it up: Win10, latest stable MP, Cube Black, ArduPlane 4.0.7 → stuck at “Getting Params” with USB connection.

Just for the record:
I was able to resolve this problem by changing the parameter SERIAL0_PROTOCOL to 1 (MAVlink 1).

So it is related to MAVlink2 with the latest MP and Cube Black+AP 4.0.7.