Cube Black not recognised after Mission planner software upgrade

Hello. A few weeks ago I upgraded to the latest version of Mission Planner. My pixhawk cube black was working perfectly fine up until then. After doing so and connecting my pixhawk cube black I was alerted to a safety bulletin and the mission planner grounded my cube until I followed the prescribed instructions and updated the parameters to solve the issue. However having done so I still cannot arm my cube. I was wondering if anyone else is having a similar issue?

I just loaded the Rover 3.4.2 firmware and appears to have loaded ok so I will stick with that for now. With 3.5.1 Mission Planner I’m always getting the CHK_BRD_TYP error message, buzzer didn’t work and the led’s on the Here+GPS seemed dull and inactive.

There are a couple of safety bulletins that can appear but the most serious is a failed IMU issue.

There’s no really good reason to stick with 3.4, 3.5 is definitely an improvement and should work. It may be possible/necessary to set the BRD_TYPE = 3.

Thanks Randy. Yep, board type is definitely 3. I thought I had loaded 3.4.2 but when I connected mission planner was saying 3.5.0 so I’ll see how that goes.

Anyway here is a photo of the latest updates to my rover, added fourth wheel and some paint.

Kinde Regards,