Cube Black FMU and QGC Connection fail

Hi Everyone

I installed Cube Black FMU from mission planer. When I want to connect mission planner my cube connect. There is no problem.

But When I want to connect Qgroundcontrol, nothing happen. Qgroundcontrol software cant connect my cube black. What ıs the problem? Is it a driver problem?

First step is to install a daily build and use that.

Is daily build stable?

Yes. Daily is normally only slightly less stable than the real Stable. That said we are in the process of wrapping up the next Stable which will be out shortly. So daily right now is about as close to a Stable as you get.

The big difference is that Stable has 1000’s of users whereas Daily has 100’s. So 1000’s find problems faster.

Ok. Thank You. How to install daily cube black version? Where a I find?

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