Cube black 4.0.3 MAVftp extremely slow

I am trying to download log files trough mavftp and it is extremely slow, it takes up to 20 minutes to download 20 meg file.
I am pulling it from an ip mesh capable of 20mbit so bandwidth is not a problem (it does the same if i connect to the drone in wifi).
Is there some param i can tweak to make it faster or maybe is the cube black not fast enough?



That does seems slow. I regularly pull 10Mb files in a couple of minutes on an F7

Have you tried with master? I suspect that is a lot quicker

It is on a production machine we need it, can’t use master. Will keep an eye on it on future stable releases if it gets better.

thank you very much.

I’ve had the same things happen but just had forgotten to disconnect from UDP and reconnect over COM and etc. Are you sure you’re connected over COM ports and not UDP? I’d try disconnecting from the wifi network entirely and trying again.

I am not sure i understand wht you are telling me to try.

Oh i’m sorry, are you not downloading through Missionplanner? I might’ve gotten this mixed up,

Regardless, what I meant was does your drone or controller have a wifi network? Disconnect from it, and unplug your telemetry radio if you have one, and then plug the flight controller with your cable and try again. A similar thing would happen to me if I was connected to my drones wifi network.

Ah ok, i don’t want to plug a cable in it, i would like to download logs over the radio link.


I see. I’m over my head here but my understanding was that mavlink over radio had always been slow - i’m not sure if this is because of bandwith (which you say shouldnt be an issue for this application) or if it’s the implementation of mavlink. Also not sure how files are transferred in missionplanner, if it goes through mavlink or if the file is transferred through the SD card without mavlink.

Might be some useful info here:

Good luck!

Yes, mavlink is probably not good for large files, i was just wondering if the performances i get are expected or maybe there is something else.

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