Cube 2.1 Sorry for newbie question, but how do I load logs here?

I have tried to research the docs on logs and am overwhelmed. I have the logs on MP and they show bad ekf or something of that nature, but can’t seem to load them correctly here. Copter just fell out of sky twice, thought maybe the first time it might be a battery issue, but the second time it was not a battery issue. Sorry for the newbie question,but would like to get to the bottom of this before the copter is repaired again. Copter 3.4.6, MP 1.3.48. Need step by step to load logs.
Thank you all for your help and patience!

hi randy, fastest option is to eject the microsd card and put it into your computers cardreader.

I needed tweezers to get it out but was impressed that it is a sandisk card when i wanted to exchange the card for a sandisk one … never had a sandisk fail on me :+1:good choice.

Linus, Thank you! Will give it a go when time permits.
Thank you again!