Cube 2.1 Crashed

Friend of mine crashed his Pixhawk 2 Cube.
Attached is the log file.
Can anyone figure it out the reason of crash and what went wrong.
here is the link

Default parameters need to be set. Check the tuning wiki and Mission Planner helper to get that set. Tuning — Copter documentation

The compasses look like they are having issues: The may need to be moved away from the ESCs, recalibrated, and disable the internal compass.

There are higher than recommended vibration levels. Clipping is seen on IMU0 and 2. Check your props.

If this is on a lipo battery then your voltage is dropping too low.

Your friend set himself up to fail. There is a reason that the Initial Parameter Setup is under Setup>Mandatory Hardware.

Thanks a lot every body !
I appreciate your effort and hope & pray for the Best in your life and happy flying.