Cube 2.1,3.4.6,(I think), MP 1.3.48, New to Pixhawk2, Crash, Logs

Was flying along in drift mode and it fell out of the sky .Quad appeared to crash for no reason. New to reading logs and not sure what to do? Motors and esc’s seem ok.
Thank you for taking the time to look!
2017-05-02 19-39-28.bin (3.9 MB)

2017-05-02 (2.6 MB)

Im no expert, ive just begun using a Pixhawk 2.1, but i saw something interesting so i figured id comment. You say your using copter 3.4.6? As i understand it only 3.5 beta will work properly on copter? I had a pixhawk 2.1 with 3.4.6 on it inadvertantly and it caused a ton of issues. It still booted and acted somewhat normal, but still there were alot of gremlins completely solved by having the proper supported firmware for the new controller.
This may not be your issue at all, but if you are indeed on 3.4.6 id flash 3.5 provided you are using a new Pixhawk 2.1

I’m using (slightly modified) 3.4.5 and it does work.

There is a compatibility limit on Pixhawk2 but I can’t remember which version.

Dunno, i had 3.4.6 in mine for a bit and it was nothing but problems… Bad gyro health, Bad AHRS, inconsistent accels etc. Could be unique to heli frame class?

Quoted from Paul Dinardi on Pixhawk 2.1 FB page.
“The Cube, does not support anything prior to 3.4.”

Could be corrupted flashing or no calibration data, I don’t know…I got that kind of error only when AHRS_ORIENTATION is changed without reboot.

With Pixhawk 2.1 always use latest beta firmware and Mission Planer… 3.5 rc5 at the moment

Thank you all for your reply’s. Will repair, go to 3.5+ and try again! Thanks again.