CUAV X7 Pro vs Cube Orange

Hello everybody!
Recently, I was looking into the different flight controllers available in the market (for one of my upcoming projects). I found out that the price of CUAV X7 Pro is almost 4 times (!!) the price of Cube Orange (with carrier board of course). I proceeded to read about the CUAV X7 Pro, and found out that it has the same number of IMUs, similar I/O ports, power requirements, internal damping for IMU, and what not. So, I was just curious to find out about the X7 Pro, and what is so great about it than the Cube Orange. (I have used Cube Orange a lot, but I would like to try the X7 Pro in my project if it is really much better than Cube). I couldn’t find a comparison sheet on the web, so I came to you people.

Thanks in advance!


The main imu on the pro is very good. Hence the price difference. You are paying for that imu chip.

I think just the Analog Device IMU used cost more than the Cube Orange flight controller.

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