Cuav x7+ pro feeding servo motors

Hi everyone
[I want to feed the servo motors directly through the autopilot without using bec.
İs this possible?

Thanks for everything.

You meant you want to connect the servo motors to the CUAV without using ESCs?

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I just consider weight of ubec and cables that we should use.
In this case we could reduce weight.

Again, do you mean UBEC or do you mean ESC ?

Yes.Without ubec through directly autopilot.

Depends on the servo type. Can you please post ALL details?

I have used Cuav x7+ for autopilot.I will use savox 1250 mg servo motors for this system.I read document of x7+ pro.On document x7+ system support servo feeding up to 10v.(without ubec)

Is ıt possible?

Thanks for response.

If the documentation says it is possible…

But it would be nicer if you had posted links to the servo datasheet and to the CUAV documentation that you have read.