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CUAV X7 Pro CAN PMU no current reading

I was purchased CUAV x7 pro using it on X8 octocopter .
The pmu which come with pack I had used and enabled battey monitor parameter like below.
Since manufacturer mentioned it’s CAN PMU so I have configured as below.

UAVCAN battery info
Power module : cuav HV PMU
Autopilot : CUAV v5 /or similiar ( I forgot exact mentioed over there).

Everything working well except the sensor not showing current consumption by the copter .voltage reading working perfectly can any one help me to work this .
Thank you.

Check battery parameters:

Batt_Curr_Pin 17
Batt_Amp_pervlt 24

Batt_volt_pin 16
Batt_volt_Mult 18

There are my Nora Can PMU settings

If voltage reading is fine, I assume Can PMU is plugged in the Can PMU plug (not analog)

Yes its connected on CAN PMU port on X7 pro.
Ok I will try with you parameter and will come back.
Where did you found this parameter in manual?.

Should I connect PMU to power A (analog port ) or Power C ( can port) on the X7 Pro.

Can PMU go to Power C port.

Parameters are from my Battery settings page (full parameter tree)

I’m running on 12s power system will this parameter work?

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