CUAV X7 not working on USB connection

Just out of box CUAV x7 is not connecting via usb as I can see LED of x7 getting initialisation as normal but PC doent detect it’s comport for communication.

Then I tried with other X7 autopilot that detect with same PC and conncting as PC doesn’t a problem.

Then conncting via UDP by given WiFi module it’s connecting ,then why it’s not connecting via USB it’s faulty unit I got?.

If anyone can help ,thanks in advance.

Make sure you have the right STM drivers on your computers? What ground control software are you using?

Yes I’m trying with MP as well as QGCS . there’s drivers installed on the computer .that’s why I could able to connect other X7 and 2nos of X7 pro autopilot.

So it’s isolated to this single X7? I’d contact CUAV support. Sounds like a bad unit.

Yes that’s what I too suspect . It’s connecting via UDP as well and read all parameters serial0 setting all to be fine only.

My X7 had no issues connecting all. As previously said, might be a faulty unit

I had similar problems. I was able to bypass this by connecting the USB cable and as soon as possible connect with MP. Looks like there is only a few seconds “window of opportunity”.