CUAV X7+ incorrect ADC readings

Hello everyone :grin:, I was testing the 6.6 Analog input and noticed that the readings are halved for some reason.

I used a power supply for input signal and an oscilloscope for measuring. I am using CUAV X7+ and the ArduPlane V4.3.3 firmware. my configs are the following, BATT4_MONITER as analog voltage only and I setup BATT4_VOLT_PIN 18 for the 6.6 ADC input.

Any help will be appreciated.

There is a 2/1 voltage divider on that input as 3.3Vdc is the maximum for standard analog input.

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I have discussed this with the wonderful team on Discord, this turned out to be a bug in the scale factor.

@FAHD22222 This is due to misconfiguration of hwdef.dat. Thanks for initiating a fix, but this is dangerous for current users, or we should just inform users how to fix it themselves. (Because it is used by too few users)