CUAV X7 and Battery monitor


I have a CUAV X7 and a MAUCH PL 4-14S / 3x but impossible to get voltage.

I try each numbers between from 0 to 18 for BATT_VOLT_PIN but I get the good value.

Can you help me please?

Have a nice day

Are you getting any input showing ?

What port are you connecting too ?


I connect my cable from MAUCH like this in the CUAV carrier board:


Thank you


Here are the battery settings for my CUAV V5+ with CUAV analog battery monitor.

Capture d’écran 2021-01-03 à 10.18.50

Mauch coefficient could be different but you should try volt and current pin settings.


I try your parameter but it’s not working with my X7.

Does someone have an idea?

Thank you