CUAV V5 with dual Power Modules

The CUAV V5 controller comes configured for a power module on Power1, and for a smart battery on Power2. I’m posting this for information for folks who wish to use two power modules for redundant power and monitoring of dual batteries.

Redundant power can be supplied to the Power2 port without any change if you do not wish to monitor dual batteries. Simply remove the pins for the batt current and voltage sensors from the Power2 plug.

For monitoring of dual batteries with Power Modules:
On the bottom of the main board there is two jumpers labeled J2 and J3. These jumpers can be soldered for either I2C or ADC. They come from the manufacturer soldered to the I2C side for a smart battery. You must cut the solder trace to the I2C pins and re-solder them to the ADC side to use a power module on Power2 with BAT2 monitoring. It is clearly labeled on the board and an included circuit diagram below.


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Thanks for this, I’ve edited it slightly to move the image to the top of the page

In dual battery Mauch power modules(, there is a limitation on equal discharge from both ports and not one after the other (without compromising on redundancy).

What is the architecture here?

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I’m not sure what you mean about equal discharge on both ports? You mean both batteries being discharged equally? I guess we have done that with dual CUAV HV modules and it didn’t seem to make any difference. I don’t know about the Mauch ones.

The configuration I have used it on is a helicopter with 12S power, module on each 6S battery, series connection made at the ESC plug.

Exactly what I was looking for as there is no smart battery product existing yet that could be used with the power2 port.