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Cuav V5+, Neo V2, two firmware on the same time

Hello, everyone,
here’s the problem:
I want to fly a hexacopter with a Cuav v5+ flight controller, GPs Neo 2 and cuav telemetry. The problem is that the telemetry transmission in Mission Planner is so slow that the error message appears. “Could not load a complete data set.”
When I try to load a new firmware under Qgroundcontroll I get the message that there is an error and the same firmware is installed twice. Can anyone help me here?

Can you please clarify what you are trying to do? You cannot load the firmware of the CUAV V5 through Telemetry. Are you trying to load a mission?


I’m sorry if I misunderstood.
I have the following equipment:
-Cuav v5+ with Neo V2
-Cuav telemetry 915 Mhz 500mw.

The problem with Ardupilot is that the telemetry transmission rate is so slow that the
a correct communication between copter and computer is not possible

I have used Mission planner to install the firmware and setup.

Then I tried to install a new firmware on the V5 under Qgroundcontroll.

After that I got the error message that the same firmware is already installed 2 times.

Why 2 identical firmware versions on the V5 and is there a connection to the slow telemetry transmission?

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