CUAV V5+ Battery 2 Port Monitor

I’m trying to configure vtol battery monitor.using FW battery on Battery port 1 and Quad Battery on battery Port 2 of the CUAV V5+ Flight controller.

I’m successfully getting battery 1 voltage monitor on mission planner ,but when I try to configure Battery monitor 2 it doesn’t show CUAV power module in the list.

The BAT2 interface can be “smart” or ordinary analog inputs the same as BAT1. There should be 2 selection pads somewhere on the carrier board

If you set it to analog then set the battery monitor type to 4 (other) and calibrate it as per normal missionplanner process. You could probably get away with using the same settings as your BAT1 interface for Amps/Volt and so on…

So by default the batt2 port are for smart battery (I2C) .if I want to Monitor normal analog voltage then I have to open the carrier board and resolder the jumber?

Currently Battery 2 monitor showing as battery 1 in mission planner.
there is any other way to monitor battery 2 without soldering work…using ADC pin we can configure the same ?

You could certainly use an ADC port to measure battery voltage via a simple divider.
The advantage of using a second power port and power brick will be redundant supply to the flight controller, and voltage and current measurement of both vertical and forward flight power systems.

Can you give any idea how we have to configure the battery 2 Monitor using ADC port of the CUAV V5.

I will keep battery 2 port for the redundant power supply to the flight controller and I don’t measure the current I want to Monitor only the battery 2 voltage .
The maximum input of the ADC port will be 3.3v (and there should be a 6.6v input too) so use that and the maximum battery voltage in the divider calculator.

Honestly I think it’s much better to find the jumper pads on the carrier board and switch them for analog input, and use another HV_PM from CUAV.