Cuav V5+ and DShot - how many outputs?


From the docs:

  • 8 - 14 PWM servo outputs (6 IOMCU, 8 FMU)

So there should be 8 DShot-capable outputs.

|M1 - M6|Main Outputs. Servo/motor capable|
|A1 - A8|Additional Outputs. Servo/motor/D-Shot capable|

But on the pictures and photos there are M1-M8 and A1-A6 outputs, which suggests that there are just 6 DShot outputs. I want to fly a X8 copter, so I need to be sure that this is possible with this FC.

On the ArduPilot documentation page for CUAV V5+, there are no serial port assignments and no DSHOT groups, or am I missing something? Please please clarify this as I want to order this FC :slight_smile:

This is backwards. There are 6 FMU outputs which would be Dshot capable as per the Hwdef file @iampete linked to.

A Nora would work. I have seen those used on an X8 running Dshot.

Thanks for the answers. I’ll order a Nora. Is this not a bit odd that you easily have 8 Dshots on cheap Mateksys boards, but they are missing on so many high-end FCs? Mateksys works fine but I want more redundancy and a better sensor quality.

They are missing on FC’s that have an IOMCU as those “main” outputs do not support Dshot. So, on boards w/o the IOMCU all outputs are “Aux” outputs so to speak.