CUAV V3 Autopilot Unboxing / Disassembly / Review


This is a review, test and tear down of the CUAV V3 autopilot. It is one of the latest gen autopilot which runs Ardupilot. We’ll take a look at its build quality, sensors, electrical behaviour and of course how it loads Ardupilot firmware.


Very nice board. could you post the link from store ?

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The best channel to be certain you order an original one is directly at CUAV factory:
Contact person : "Fanny"
email :

That is where I purchased it myself.

I’m a bit dubious about a company that has a non functioning domain name. is not contactable. has been disabled???

The only suppliers are online sellers such as eBay, BangGood, etc.

I had no problem with my order by directly contacting them via email to the factory.
Had multiple questions they answered usually in a couple of days. Not the most reactive but they do answer though.

Otherwise, from rcgroups, people ordered from Banggood too.

the domain name is ok for me but very slow .

you can find doc on

we have by this controler at :

we have receive my order in 7 days ( to france )

Thanks, got me there.

Thank´s Hugues for the nice report; looks important to test that the two power sides are working, always interesting your videos; I discover few days ago that one quad was flying for long time only by esc power and carry the Power module as decoration :open_mouth: .
Keep Us update about flying performance please.
The page don´t work for me at the moment.

Nice review!

A bit perplexed about the anti-vibration mount provided, and the 3M foam tape, given the IMUs are already internally dampened. Would be interesting to check vibration with and without them, could be they actually make things worse?

Nice review, I think I’ll get one. Any thoughts or experience with the CUAV Hack Link? This seems like a very nice “plug and play” system, assuming it all works as intended :slight_smile:

It is a good question. Of course we could always choose to use extra damping or not. There is still one sensor on the mainboard that needs vibration isolation though.

Thanks. Nope, no experience on it. But CUAV sent me the PDF documentation by mistake and I deleted it ! You could ask it directly to “Fanny” :