CUAV DLVR airspeed has been released. It is called SKYE2 Nano, which is based on DLVR_L10D sensor with an internal STM32F4 controller, adapting the same familiar CUAV aluminium casing standard. The new released module uses CAN interface and DroneCan protocol to communicate with the flight controller. However, it is less rich in interfaces compared to Mateksys ASPD-DLVR airspeed sensor that has both I2C and CAN interfaces.

The naming gives the idea that in the future the will release the SKYE2 Standard (maybe!) with the same DLVR sensor but with heated pitot tube.

It’s available to pre-order now and will be on sale here soon.

This is SKYE 2 NANO, you can learn about it here: We will release SKYE 2 soon.

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Any testers needed?
I have a vtol with cuav v6x and I will be very interested to test this airspeed sensor please let me know if you need any tester.

What kind of VTOL? We have completed testing in many VTOLs. We open sponsorship channels only to students and developers.