CUAV Pixhack V3

Hello, may someone can explain me why CUAV V3 IMU do not fast sampling? 3.6.0-RC7_01_manuell-PID.param (14.4 KB)
I have also tested with 5.5.5 - the same - all IMU below 1000
With 3.6.0 RC7 I also have just one internal compass detected.

You have INS_ENABLE_MASK and INS_FAST_SAMPLE both set for 7. I’m not aware of 7 being a valid value for anything.

Before I have set both to 1 with same result. If you go to Advanced settings in MP you can select first second and third IMU for fast sampling. With PH2.1 these settings working as expected. IMU 1and 3 sampling 8000.
copy from complete parameter list

Bitmask Values
Bit Meaning
0 FirstIMU
1 SecondIMU
2 ThirdIMU