CUAV LBA 3 UAV Communication Micro Base Station

>> Introduction:

LBA 3 UAV Communication Micro Base Station is a micro base station equipment for UAV medium and long-distance networking communication.

>> Basic information:

Praduct Name: LBA 3

Functional Features: 54km coverage range, 30Mbps large bandwidth communication, maximum support for 16-node multi-unit networking, equipped with CUAV LGC exclusive ground station can realize UAV formation flight, to meet more diversified application needs of users. The base station has built-in 4G routing WAN/LAN port communication function, and the optional 4G/5G link of Leixun Cloud can realize mixed communication between private network and 4G/5G mobile network to achieve greater communication coverage.

Price: $8798 / SET

Presale: $7479 / SET

If you are experiencing network coverage issues, maybe you can refer to our new product, LBA 3 UAV Communication Micro Base Station. Thank you.