CUAV HACK LINK 2.4G UAV Digital Link System

Not quite sure if this is the correct forum category for this item…

Anyone have any experience or info on this data/video link?

If it does what it claims to, it means a dramatic reduction in GCS components and costs, and a much cleaner and nicer setup than my current configuration.

Here’s the only English language discussion I could find on it:

Seems to be based on the Solo link or similar technology, and uses a 500mW wifi radio.

I’ve got one.

The video looks really good.About 01 seconds lag from my indoor tests.But there is zero information on getting the ground based,MAVlink RC control in the wild.I’ve tried it again today using a suggestion that the air module may possibly need to be paired through the ground station using the Spectrum method (as it uses the DSM port on the Pixhack for communication) but it didn’t work.Next try is to use PPM from the X8R Frsky receiver to the ground unit but I’m not sure if my converter still works (I’ve got two and one doesn’t for sure).So I’m no nearer getting it to work using an SBUS ground based RX which was sort of the point of getting it.If I can’t figure out how that works it’s just fairly cheap digital video transmitter but not the killer Sololinkesque system I bought into.

If I can give my Tarot X6 the same control system as the Solo it’ll make it some machine.All I need is some information.I guess I’ll have to learn Chinese and go ask. :grinning:

I can’t get my video to work. What kind of camera are you using for the HDMI input?

I am also very interested in the sbus control link, please keep us updated if you learn anything

Just a Gorpro 4 black V5.0 firmware.It’s a plug and play part of the operation for me.If it doesn’t transmit I just reboot it.Air unit up first,then the ground unit,then the Gopro.

The SBUS situation is a bit more complex but I’ll be trying PPM next.

Hmmm, my system with GoPro3 Black does not seem to work. Certainly not plug-n-play. I get a valid connection and can even see the CUAV boot up screen on my display, but the video never comes through. I noticed they stated something about a 720p camera somewhere in the documentation. Can you verify you are getting 1080p?