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CUAV flight controller

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CUAV is a flight controller manufacturer and designer. In order to let users know more about cuav flight controller products, their flight controllers are described below.

Pixhack v2: Two IMUs with built-in damping and GH1.25 interface.
Pixhack v3: Three IMUs with built-in damping and GH1.25 interface with temperature compensation control system.
CUAV v5: STM32F7 processor ,based on FMU v5 hardware design.
V5 NANO: Avilable in 2019/4. Suitable for small drones.
V5X:Using Dronecode pinouts standard, it can be compatible with other pix accessories. With core design, you can design different boards to connect it (note: it’s totally different hardware from cube design and can’t connect to cube), based on FMU V5.
More CUAV flight controller instructions:
They are looking for regional agents, if you are willing to contact:
They are working hard to add more people to ArduPilot and work hard.
Check out their localized ArduPilot wiki:
Finally, watch the Internet drones based on ArduPilot.

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The Chinese language wiki page is greatly appreciated, thanks a lot!

The 4G-LTE telemetry link is also very interesting…

Thanks for supporting ArduPilot!

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Bought a Pixhack V5 and a great support found for any question to Lindy.

Thanks a lot