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CUAV Data Radios vs SiK Radios

(Arunabha42) #1


I have been using the CUAV Pixhack v3 for a little over a year and I really like it. A while back I came across their new Telemetry modules/data radios on FoxtechFPV:




Numbers 1 & 2 use XBee 900HP and XBee PRO SX modules repectively. Number 3 uses ssome P900 module which after Googling, I think is the Microhard P900 module:

I’ve had great success using the SiK radios and the RFD900 units, absolutely no problems. The last time I tried using XBees on a Pixhawk I was unsuccessful even though the radios were binding. I’d also noticed a lot of people having issues with the XBees

Would anyone here have any idea if the CUAV units are any good or should I just stick to RFD900?

Looking around I found this: Xtend 900mHz – AES 128 / 256 bit encrypted telemetry?

So from what I understand so far is that the firmwares for the XBees are the problem? So I should be better off sticking to the SiK radios which were built to be compatible with the Ardupilot ecosystem?

Or could I give the CUAV radios a shot?


(Andras Schaffer) #2

SiK and RFD radios have a specific mode for MavLink, they report radio link information back to the GCS via Mavlink and provide information to ground and aerial units to make intelligent bandwidth control possible. The others are just generic data radios, they will work, but just as a dumb transmission channel.

Also check out RFD900x it includes PPM passthrough , so you wont need RC receiver.