CUAV CRTK-2 moving baseline


Have few CRTK-2 GNSS modules.

Trying to make moving baseline configuration with them (GPS for Yaw (aka Moving Baseline) — Copter documentation)

Using Pixhawk Cube Orange+

But Arducopter doesn’t make any configuration with Ublox by UAVCAN… And GPS2 doesn’t have RTK fix and nothing works correctly. Can not receive GPS Yaw finally.

Trying to use both CRTK-2, trying one CRTK-2, one CRTK-9Ps.
Only two CRTK-9Ps with UART connection work correctly.

UAVCan CRTK-2 devices work only like GPS… And only if GPS_AUTO_CONFIG = 1… if set = 2, than NoFIx all the time.

It seems like Arducopter does not have any access by uavCan for configuring modules to work moving baseline.

C-RTK2 does not support mobile baselines, if you need a mobile baseline, you can choose a single-module C-RTK2 HP or two C-RTK 9ps