CUAV CAN PDB Carrier Board

To complement Core Cuav V5, V5+, X7 and X7 Pro, Cuav developed a carrier board.

When I placed my order few weeks ago for that item, I was informed that a new version was soon to appear and I choose to wait a few weeks in order to have the latest product.

The are some improvement:

Capture d’écran 2020-10-14 à 14.23.52

There are14 PWM out instead of 13. It is the same layout on the Nora or X7 carrier board. You can also see two additional power plugs (Power A and C) at the front of the board.

Main board power supply is from the pigtail with XT90 plug. Board also provide 12 and 5V out BEC power. I use 12V for gimbal and landing gear. 5V is used to power servo rail.

ESC are connected to the board with 3 mm screw. Screw and connectors are in the box.

There is cover to protect the board when installation is completed.

I installed the board on a damping plate

Vibration and RC Out log from latest flight (first with the new installation).

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I am using can pdb with x7+ and herelink but unable to get sbus input for rc calibration can you help? I tried the herelink with cubeorange and it is working similarly i tried sbus with can pdb and frsky it works bt it doesnt works with herelink what do u suggesT?

Maybe a silly question, but are you using the “SBUS/DSM in” servo style connector next to M1 ?
And powering the Herelink air unit from a battery or BEC via its Power connector?

The herelink is powered by cuav can pdb 12v output also checked about the power it is all working great with pixhawk orange with same powersource and all sbus functions are working… but as soon as i connect the sbus/dsm port with sbus1 on herelink with x7+ on can pdb the sbus isnt detected dont know whats wrong …

Try using the PPMIN port instead, numbered “4” in this picture

Hi I am builing my first VTOL 4+1 with CUAV X7
and i have a problem with calibrating 4 vertical motor. 4 motor no spin but the front motor is nomorlly