Cruise Throttle Crazy!

My plane is flying reasonably well in most modes but cruise makes the throttle go bananas. As soon as I put it in cruise I get all sorts of throttle pulsing and pitch servo oscillations.



Here are a few logs where I tried a few different settings but the results seem to be the same each time:

Does anyone know where to start looking with this kind of issue? I’m at a loss and have done dozens of test flights to try and sort it out! Thanks in advance.

NB: Since these flights I have recalibrated level and reduced the maximum climb rate as I noticed that it was peaking below the set rate. I followed the TECS tuning guide as best I can but it didn’t remove the throttle pulsing. I also tried flashing the ESCs to BLHeli to make sure the response is good but it didn’t make a difference either.

At this point I’m begging for help and can possibly even give a small reward if anyone can get to the bottom of this :mrgreen:

Check out these posts. Just in the past week or so I have read about a number of instances of RC out jitter on pitch/throttle. Some of these occurred on Pixhawk, so it could very well be a Plane issue . . .

viewtopic.php?f=107&t=11229 … has-no-fix … tle-glitch

Thanks for your reply. I did actually search quite a bit before I posted and found the same threads (in fact on of those was started by me :smiley: ). Tridge confirmed that it’s not the GPS in my case so I’m back to square one.