CRT EKF3 lane switch 2, 1, 0

During testing of my oktopter after setting the throttle notch filter I noticed that during flying circles with front of the copter set to the center of the circle I get critical messages by mavlink:

CRT EKF3 lane switch 2
WRN EKF primary changed 2
CRT EKF3 lane switch 1
Error pos vert variance

Generally that copter fly ok only during making circles that problem occurs. It appears in ALT-Hold and in Loiter but in Loiter after that messages bigger vibration occurs.

Can someone check my log from the flight?
Is that problem with the compass ? or something else ?

It was likely this spike in the Barometer which lines up with the error.

any idea why barometer in Cube Black can give such spike during cicrcle flight ?

No. It didn’t show up on the 2nd barometer. You could set that one as primary I suppose if you continue with the problem.

Sorry could you tell me how to set and change primary barometer I can’t find any documentation :frowning:

I have to set BARO_PRIMARY: ??? to different barometer ?

When in doubt about a parameter 1st go the Full Parameter List in Mission Planner and see what the description says. Like here:

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That’s possible that I have the same problem like in this thread. I will investigate.

I changed BARO_PRIMARY to 1 and updated HERE2 GPS to CAN BUS and now copter fly ok without any errors but it looks like I have faulty BARO with baro glitches from time to time log from today

Is there possibility to completely disable selected Baro ?

Edit the hwdef and recompile? That will be annoying going forward with firmware updates.


Sorry @dkemxr but I didn’t understand. If I want to use only second baro and external baro in Here 2 GPS I will have to recompile special firmware for Cube Black ? For now I even don’t know how to enable third baro in Here 2 :frowning:

Good question and I’m unsure of the answer.

Today I tested the same Cube Black with GPS ONE and the problem occur again. I don’t see Baro glitch in the logs. What can be the cause of lane switch 2,1,0 ?
the log here
second log

In different flight I triggered the problem when I started to climb rapidly. After message lane switch copter is vibrating more in loiter.