CRSF RSSI not displaying on MP

I am using a Crossfire nano Rx with Matek-F765 wing. As far as I can tell all my parameters are correct, the controls are working, Yaapu script is also working, but I cannot display RSSI or LQ values in the MP.

I am uploading all the pics to show the setup. Please let me know if there is something I have missed.

Pictures are not to be seen …

In principle you only have to set RSSI_TYPE = 3 with Crossfire and select rxrssi in the MP for the display.

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Images were stuck. They are displaying now.
RSSI_TYPE is set 3

Is almost correct … You have to show* “rxrssi” and not “rssi”. rxrssi is set to 99(%) in the status tab.

** right mouse key, User items.

What is the difference between RSSI and RxRSSI? On the OSD it is listed as RSSI and in the MP User Item both are listed.
If I am not mistaking RxRSSI = Receiver Signal Strength and RSSI is Transmitter Signal Strength?