CRSF and Revo mini

I posted this in a Passthrough development thread, but fear that it might be the wrong place, so I’m cross-posting here. I’m attempting to connect a Crossfire Nano receiver to a RevoMini. I’m using a 2-day old “latest” build and have it connected to the Main Port with SERIAL1_PROTOCOL = 23, but am not seeing the inputs in Mission Planner. The receiver is configured for CRSF TX and RX. Is there another setting that I’m overlooking? Thanks in advance.

That should be all that is required.

Hmm… It’s not working for me. I’ll attach the receiver to a betaflight FC to confirm everything then try again.

So it appears that the RCIN portion isn’t working on the Main Port (Serial 1). The Radio Calibration screen shows movement using CRSF protocol to RCIN on the RC INPUT connector. I’ve tried connecting to both the TX and RX connector and had no luck with either. Any further suggestions? I’d prefer to use the Main Port to get all the functionality out of one spot. Thanks.