Crow Braking on flying wings now working

There are a few flying wings available that have dual elevons on each wing such as the FX-79 Buffalo and I’ve seen a few Ritewing Draks being modified to have dual elevons recently.
By setting each elevon as a differential spoiler this makes it possible to have yaw control and crow braking. Now we are able to set a different weight for each surface (inner/outer elevon) to adjust the throw each surface gets so that the nose doesn’t pitch up or down too much when using flaps or rudder input. The outer elevons will not need the same amount of throw as the inner elevons- the outers are closer to the tip so inputs will have a bigger effect than the inner elevons. I have just successfully tested this in the air using manual flap input and rudder starting with inners dropping 100% and outers raising 25%. nose is slightly pitching up which leads me to believe 25% on the outers may be a bit much, but that is a good starting point.


Any chance you have a picture or a video? Normally for blogs it’s good to have a picture or video right at the top.

Ok, I have added photos now.

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Hi, we are tying crow as well,but we can not add to our flying wing. Can you explain how you did it?