(Crossfire <<>> Yaapu) How to exchange information

I want to use Crossfire to get information into the Yaapu script
I use TBS Crossfire XF Nano Rx (receiver) and Jumper T18 pro (Controller) with TBS Crossfire Micro Tx II.
This is a problem
The Sbus connection enables the use of the controls, but Telemetry information does not appear on the controls


I did that, but it didn’t work

Those are the instructions directly from the guy who wrote the script. You must connect both TX and RX to a valid UART. This is not SBus.

Whatever “that” is.
Configure the Rx for CRSF.
RC_OPTIONS=288 (typically)
In the Yaapu configurator on the TX set it for CRSF.

You need to be using the dev version of Yaapu if you are using EdgeTx.

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How do I set the hardware pin?


What hardware pin?

It’s Pixhawk 4 Telem 2(Serial2_Protocol)

Oh this saved me big time, Ive been troubleshooting for days, it originally all worked fine, but when i give it a break, i forget everything and am usually too lazy to read through all my notes… lol. RC_Options was the setting i was missing… Thank YOu.