Crossfire Vtx Rx control via Arducopter Band flip

I have been ignoring this problem for awhile and just making the Vtx settings from the Transmitter via Agent Lite but figured it should work. When the Tx module is configured for Vtx Control-Rx and I set a band and Chanel in the parameters (E1) I see the Band changing back and forth between E&A while monitoring it from Agent Lite. The goggle image rolls as you would expect. This only happens when control is via the Rx/Arducopter. What do you think Andy? @andyp1per

Micro Tx V2
Unify Pro32 HV
Nano Rx Pro

There is a known bug in later versions of the CRSF firmware. TBS are rewriting the VTX firmware - no idea when it will be ready.

OK, thanks. Will abandon Rx control for now.