Crossfire no RXRSSI reading

Hello there,
I set up my crossfrie receiver for my ardupilot project, but still unable to get RXrssi value (always 0). I followed documentation by setting RSSI type 3 and RC protocol to RCIN.
My radio channels are mapped correctly and being interpreted correctly by the Ardupilot.
Channel 1 is set to crsf tx, channel 2 is set to crsf rx. Everything else is default.
I have activated crossfire passthrough telemetry for yaapu script and I get the data on my radio controller that matches ground station.
I just do not get any rxrssi value. I would love to have this + LQ working so I can see them on GCS all time and eventually on FPV googles to know if my radio connection is always good.
Full parameter file below. Thanks for help.
Drone_Parameter_List18032024.param (20.3 KB)

Where are you checking this value?

I am checking rxrssi variable in mission planner.