Crossfire Bootloader Mode?

Updating my Crossfire firmware today - a new thing popped up in AgentX - Arducopter V4.1.1 Bootloader Mode.

I did a google search for info about this in the ArduPilot docs, and found nothing.

I’m guessing this appears because I use CRSF as RCIN over Telem1.

Any suggestions?

It’s normal - you can ignore it

Thanks Andy - I wasn’t too worried about it - just curious why it showed up. TBS must have had something in mind. Thanks!

No, it’s because we respond to the device ping CRSF message. I don’t know why it says “bootloader mode” I’ve not been able to get it to say anything different

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If you use TBS Agent Lite while connected you will also see ArduPilot come up as an option there. You “can” use it to adjust some of the tuning parameters. But, it take so long to load, or at least it does on mine, that it’s useless.

Yeah, I’m sorry about this - this is a long standing issue that appears to be on the TBS firmware side that we have been unable to resolve with TBS so far.

@andyp1per nothing to be sorry about. TBS has it’s place. Slowly I’m moving my 5" Betaflight stuff over. However my experience with TBS and Ardupilot has been the best sales pitch for the RFD900 system. :slight_smile:

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I use both CrossFire and RFD900’s on both my ArduPilot copters. That provides Yaapu and QGC telemetry. An all in one solution might be handy - but I sort of like having the redundancy.

I have done the All-in-one method with the RFD900x/TXMODV2 for a plane we built at work. There are some quirks in the setup, but once it was up and running it was solid. I only went with Crossfire because I thought it could be an effective personal version for my own gear. Not so sure about that.