Cross referencing parameter setting differences ArduPilot & ArduRover

I am setting up a Cube Orange+ and trying the Rover beta v4.4 for an installation in a boat with bow thruster, 2 stern motors, and a pair of rudders. (Omni3.)
Working through the setup instructions, the references are written round the Pilot/Copter platforms. There are variances for the Rover. eg BRD_SafetyEnable and FLTMODE_CH and rudder, which are not available. (Every boat I have has a rudder, or 2, but I understand a workable solution is to control the rudder the same as the bow thruster, ie motor2.)
Is there a list of the variations, and the alternative to be used in the Rover platform?
Many thanks CC

Rover is a branch of ArduPilot, as are Copter and Plane. They each have idiosyncrasies.

The wiki has separate sections for each, and the Rover one is located here:
ArduPilot Rover — Rover documentation

Rover specific parameters here:
Complete Parameter List — Rover documentation (

Not sure where you’re finding inconsistencies, but if there is a Rover document that references an incorrect parameter entry, please either follow the wiki editing guide to fix it or link to it here.

If there’s an issue with CubePilot’s documentation, they have their own forum and wiki. But I think you’re better off sticking with ArduPilot’s own documentation.

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Many thanks Yuri.
I will try to stick to the preferred paths, and not get side tracked.

It seems that FLTMODE_CH, in the Rover instructions was known about in Sept, v4.2.3, and also in 2020, while the Rover parameters didn’t allow it. It is also detailed in github docs, Mission Planner- configuration-and-testing.rst, where it shows both FLTMODE_CH for planes, and MODE_CH for rover.
I will attempt to go down the route of making a mod to the Rover instructions.
Regards CC

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