Cronic Problems with my APM

Hi there,

I am trying to calibrate my APM and heli for 2 months but I am still dummy and need to ask some questions. But Before, I will write about my problems.

  • Heli aims to yaw right somehow(I tried auto trim but didnt work). Is it related with yaw gain P or IMAX?
  • Heli can take off when throttle stick is around %70 or higher. It is probably because I use 2200mah lipo-turningy(25-35c), right?
  • Rate_roll and Pitch is good around 0.350 But When I made it 0.2(lowest) it Worked best and it didnt decrease my control on heli. BEforehands it was decreasing my control.

I am adding my full param and logs. I would be appreceated if someone control my log and hope to determine my cronic problems.

One last thing, I tried altHold mode today. HDOP value was around 2. But it didnt worked. Once heli climbed up to 20 meter and I switched stab mode due to prevent losing control. Then I tried once more and I felt reluctantly command pitch and roll, besides altitude was varying so I hardly leveled heli and get off. Any idea about that?

Hi Guys,

At Last I succeded to fly in altHold mode. But Heli still aims to turn right a little bit. I had to trim to right from throttle stick. RController’s trim didnt work. I tried to trim in mission planner->initial setup->heli setup-> rudder tuning. It also didnt help.

Any suggestions?

I also would be appreciated if some advanced guys check my parameters and logs. May be there could be some big fault that I helps heli performance.

Have a nice day.

I had a look at your logs and parameters.

First, your Rate Yaw I term is still way too low. I mentioned this to you already. You have it at 0.02, it should be 0.100 at least, even up to 0.500. Also, the Imax is too low, it is 800, and you should change it to 4500 in the full parameters list.

Your problem with requiring 70% throttle to take off probably has nothing to do with your battery. It is probably your collective pitch setup. Have you done this properly? What is your measured pitch range? Looking at the parameters, I don’t think you’ve set this up very well.

The HDOP level has nothing to do with Alt Hold. Your Alt Hold performance is very weird! It seems like it’s giving full collective but the heli is going up and down!?

Your vibrations are too high. It won’t likely Loiter well like that, and can also cause problems with Alt Hold, but I’m not sure if that’s happening.

But I can’t even understand how the heli is going up and down when it’s being given full collective pitch? How is your ESC controlled? I have a suspicion your ESC is not wired up properly and you are controlling rotor speed with your “throttle” stick?

Hi Lefevbre,

Thanks, Nowadays an advanced reply is what I need. I will try to explain what I did before I succeded AltHold.
First, I had some problem with yaw. It were aim to turn right and I was trying to prevent it with increasing Rate_yaw_FF. It little helped but not exactly. Then, I noticed heli climb up when I switch AltHold mode. So I have set throttle_mid value as the same with trim_throttle value which APM calculates average throttle during flight. I also played with pitch angle via balllink and made it 6 Degree when throttle stick was in middle position. I made collective pitch setup too.

After all,AltHold mode worked perfectly. there were no oscillation and no change in altitude. I tried 4-5 times and it was good.

Then, I had some trouble about motor and tail , so changed them. Now I am trying to calibrate it again.

You asked about collective pitch and esc calibration. Probably I have problem with ESC. I will check them once more and will set your advises. Tomorrow I will try my new settings and will write here the results.