Creating RPM3 and RPM4 as new parameters

Hello to everyone¡¡ I am trying to active 4 RPM sensors, in order to read angular velocity of each motor of a quadcopter. In the Full List Parameters I can only configure two of them. I modified the firmware code adding the lines for RPM3_PIN and RPM4_PIN and changed the number of maximum RPM measurements to 4. I loaded the code as : Load custom firmware using Mission Planner. But the New Parameters added do not appear. Does anyone know what could be wrong? any tip will be really appreciated. Thank you.

Maybe you should show your git history, not only a picture.

It would be easier to use standard firmare and replace your existing ESCs with something BLHELI_32 and set up DHSOT and ESC Telemetry - you’d have all that data and more without using up a lot of extra inputs.

you can add parameters via lua now