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Hello everyone I have 5010 motor i have 18inch prop too and I wanted to make nearlly 15min flight time how to calculate copter weight with battery and battery mah

Mine has 6s 340kv motor

payload is 5kg is it possible to make ?


By using eCalc.

Plz share your experience , i know there are so many ecals but I need practical knowledge

Thank you

No, there is one eCalc. Buy a subscription and use it.

There is no mentioning my motor brand name so I need guessing or need someone experience

Then use a T-motor 5008 340kv. It will be close enough.

I think you have all the info you need in the specs, but let me give you a walkthrough:

  1. You said you have 18inch props.l & and you need more than 18 min flight time.

  2. Usually we aim for at least 2x All up weight thrust

  3. From the table we get that

@ 50% throttle with 1855 you get 1728gr thrust
Meaning 4 x 1728 = 6912gr total

  1. So you aim for a 6912(or less) all up weight copter

  2. Subtract the essentials
    -170 x4 for motors = 680gr
    -25-50gr x4 for ESC. = 100-200gr

  • 200gr for avionics
    -cables, connectors, pdb

= -1400gr

  1. Calculate the desired battery
    From the same table we read that you need 6.5Amps per motor @6s = 26Amps

a. So if you had a 26Ah 6S battery you can provide power for an hour
b. With a 13Ah battery for 30min,
c. But you need to consider only 75-85 of nominal capacity thus you could aim for a popular 16Ah 6S battery
d. Most 16Ah 6S batteries weight about 2000gr

  1. Final calcs
    6912-1400-2000: You have 3400gr left for your airframe, payload etc and more than 20min flight time with a very very safe thrust ratio.

Happy flying,
That was life before ecalc, but these days we don’t really trust marketing tables, so give some headroom in your calcs, or try a thrust stand to make your one measurements.


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